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Erez has introduced me to a new point of view on my health and is instilling new lifestyle habits that are transforming my health on all fronts, not just my heart

Mary Sequoia


I am no longer on any medication for acid reflux at all and I have been able to significantly reduce my hypertension treatment. In addition, I no longer suffer from night sweats and I feel great. I am two sizes smaller. My quality of life has improved dramatically and I am very happy.

Gerard H.


my health has never been so good. My recent blood test result show I reversed pre-diabetes and my cholesterol and heart health are back to normal levels. I feel confident in my own skin and I’m still going on!

Gilad B.


Today I weigh 205 lbs and my blood test results are excellent. So far, I have managed to maintain my weight without a problem, although I have been off the program for a long time and just stick to a few of the eight basic rules.

Stephane F.


I am more confident in being able to stick to the program and the positive change to my osteoarthritis and other conditions was very powerful. Several months later, I am still adhering to the basic rules – and appreciating the benefits.

Christopher Stanton


Since the start of the program, I have no more digestion issues. My blood tests improved and I started running again. AWESOME!

Andrew Y.


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